Miss Black Connecticut and Talented Teen USA | Mission
Miss Black Connecticut USA "Beauty, Brains, and Benevolence" The premier pageant for women (ages 14-27) of color is now looking for contestants for the 2016 pageant. www.missblackconnecticutusa.org/apply
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Connecticut women of color graduate with post-secondary degrees at a significantly lower rate than their counterparts. Lack of post secondary degrees locks women in the cycle of poverty, since they lack the necessary qualifications for jobs with greater earning potential. Lack of higher education also exacerbates the wage gap, which widens for women working in lower wage jobs. Education has a significant impact on women. Miss Black USA is the premier pageant for women of color and higher education. 80% of the Miss division is in graduate or professional studies. Meanwhile, 100% of the Talented Teen division is in pursuit of undergraduate studies. Women from all over the state of Connecticut will compete to capture the crown in hopes to advocate education to our community. Our goal is to decrease Welfare dependency and increase economic stability by providing 55 scholarships to women for education. It is reported, that if 55 women are enrolled and complete secondary education this decreases welfare dependency by 88% and garners 1M for the economy. Help us reach our goal today and contact us here.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Miss Black USA Pageant to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color and to develop the “whole woman mind, body, and spirit.



Miss Black USA Pageant celebrates scholastic achievement and believes that education is the key to lifelong success and empowerment. The Miss Black USA Pageant promotes education and leadership by providing scholarships opportunities to its winners.


Community Service

The Miss Black USA Pageant is a community driven organization and is committed to addressing health and education, two leading social issues in the African American community. The winners of the official “Miss Black USA” state pageants will use her civic platform to promote awareness of these issues during her reign.

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